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Orientations on Violence against Women and Children (VAWC)

In many parts of the Philippines, women are unaware of many of their rights, while government’s awareness campaign is often inadequate. As a result, women are often victims of various forms of violence and abuses inside and outside the family. FIAN oriented the participants on the common forms of VAW, the underlying reasons why VAWS happens and the impacts of VAW, among others. Part of the orientation was a lecture on RA 9262 or Anti-Violence Against Women and Children, the law that protects the victims of VAWC, and other national women laws in the Philippines. These laws uphold the rights to Filipino women.

FIAN Philippines conducted several seminars to raise awareness of VAW, for example in Malabon and Navotas for Kayang-Kaya ni Misis Foundation:

In line with the section’s objective of empowering vulnerable groups such as women, VAWC seminars were conducted in Malabon for the women purok leaders and members of Kayang-Kaya ni Misis (KKM) Foundation. In 3 successive trainings held on June 5, 12, and 19, 150 women came from the 14 villages of Malabon: Tinajeros, Potrero, Acacia, Tonsuya, Longos, Tugatog, Dampalit, Tañong, Ibaba, Hulong Duhat, Flores, Bayan-bayanan, Baritan, and Catmon. Because of the positive feedback of the participants, KKM Secretary General and FIAN Philippines Board Auditor, Ms. Au Macatunao, proposed a second series of VAWC seminars next semester. The target audience will be 200 women leaders and members from Navotas.


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FIAN Philippines, 2011.




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